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How do you work? Good question. I hava a work proces off 5 simple steps! - Email me - The call - The proposal - Brainstorm and sketching - Finalizing and Done! For more info fill in the inquiry form.

How can I work with you? Just send me a message via the Inquiry form and I will contact you back!

Do you work for free? Nope I dont work for free.

Can you make a small example to see if I want to work with you? Nope I dont work for free.

Do you sell prints of your work? Yes I do you can find them in the shop. But notice that not every illutsration that I make is for sale😁.

When can you start? Starten kan meestal al binnen een paar weken! I’m often available within a few weeks. I currently have spots available from January 2023. Unless you’re one of my dream clients, and I will skip sleep and work in the night for you (The Guardian, New York Times, The New Yorker? Yes please

How much doe an Illustration cost? The price of an illustration depends on a number of factors. Factors such as, the amount of work, the use of the artwork, the size and the license. To give you an indication: My prices start from €300 excl. VAT per illustration. Illustrations for book covers start from €650 excluding VAT.

What is the main source of contact? Communication is almost always via email or a call. I also do not discuss business-related things via Whatsapp, SMS or social media. This is how everything stays organised 😁

Do you create birth cards, wedding cards and family portraits? Nope

Do I own the work? The copyrights remain STUDIO.UNEXPECTED's. But sometimes if a customer wants to buy the copyrights then that is possible, but in most cases it is not necessary.

Can you arrange the print work? That's certainly possible! I have a network of good local printers.

Can I edit or modify the illustration? I am happy to adjust your illustration where necessary. I calculate my hourly rate for this. However, it is not allowed to have the illustrations adapted by yourself or by someone else in connection with copyright.

Can I also post work on Social Media. Photos of the end product may of course always be posted. Do you want to place the illustrations on social media independently, but we have not agreed on a license for this? Please contact me first. Posting on social media counts as an extra publication.

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